duramax up pipe leak symptoms Codes P11CC, P200C, P2263, P22B6, P2A00. Sudden appearance of dirt, sand, debris in the water supply; A reduction in well flow rate If you see dead or discolored plants surrounded by healthy green plants, it is worth investigating. EXPERT White smoke is a sign of a leaking head gasket or an injector stuck open. Engine at normal operating temperature, 181-189 deg. Whether you currently own a Duramax powered Silverado or Sierra, or you have considered purchasing a used GM diesel pickup, the question will cross your mind regarding what problems you may experience with the engine. The second issue are the expansion joints in the pipes from the exhaust manifolds to the turbos. At first, it is most common for fluid to only leak when it is cold outside or the engine is cold. If the main line running under your slab develops a leak that goes untreated for a prolonged period of time, a void may develop under the foundation or in the yard. symptoms were engine misfire and coolant loss out of tail pipe. 0-1. Previously to this up pipe leak the Truck would only smoke at initial launch, once spooled she cleared right up. If you suspect you may have a leak, it’s important to take action right away. This smoke is more visible when the turbo is running. In the worst case scenario, a boot comes off and you have zero boost and low power with copious black sooty exhaust smoke. 6L Duramax LB7 by replacing the old leaking, or cracked up-pipes in your truck. If the leak is small, you may notice a puddle of engine oil on the ground underneath your vehicle or quite possibly a stream of oil on the ground behind your vehicle. Replace your factory up pipes with these High Flow Replacement Up-Pipes from PPE. 6L Duramax when you add the AFE 49-04034 Atlas 3" Turbo Down-Pipe. 2010 LMM and some 2009 will require Map sensor Seal which we include in the kit. After stopping for lunch, the owner was dismayed to find that his Duramax immediately went into “limp mode” as the engine started. The 2006-07 6. Now when it warms up the gage dont come up. 6L LB7 Duramax engine is white smoke at idle. If you have a 2001-2004 Duramax 6. 1. • Leaking injector • Leaking high pressure fuel lines If it’s the latter, then you should definitely put this at the top of your to-do list. 95 . While all iterations are fairly reliable, the older ’01-’04 LB7 engines and ‘04. Dealer told Michelle (my girlfriend and owner of the truck) it was either the intercooler or the "Blower:rofl:" and that to replace the intercooler it would If you’re up for a challenge and have the time tackle it yourself! Guy I work with in sask paid $7500 at the stealer for his. The International up-pipes are bellowed and do not use crush donut gaskets. In order to cool the gas before introducing it into the intake, they have coolant running through the egr cooler to exchange the heat. Excessive pressure, (exhaust gases in the cooling system). Remove IGN 1 relay. Actual fuel rail pressure is not keeping up with desired fuel rail […] Symptoms of an up-pipe leak? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 16 of 16 Posts. 0. Note: Coolant is very harmful to dogs and cats. Leave the thing in place and put a blocker plate between the up pipe and EGR tube. Each Sinister Diesel Heads Up Kit for the LLY Duramax engines also comes with a complete gasket set for every engine component that seals against the cylinder head including the exhaust manifold, up pipe, upper and lower valve cover, along with valve cover grommets, valve seals, and turbo drain seals. 6L Duramax Diesel Engines (Years: 2006-2007). The VGT turbo sticking open or closed will cause black smoke. Being aware of the symptoms of an underground water leak could stop a disaster that could potentially damage your home. It would help to get a mechanic diagnose the problem and isolate the cause of the problem for you. Diagnosis (AKA finding the problem): General Motors Duramax Diesel - LB7 Fuel System Diagnostics Published on March 29, 2017 March 29, 2017 • 17 Likes • 3 Comments. While there are a lot of parts of the LML exhaust you shouldn’t modify, the manifolds and up pipes are fair game for an upgrade. INJECTORS STUCK OPEN OR WITH EXCESSIVELY LEAKING NOZZLES DIANOSIS. B. If you are buying a truck look for soot on the firewall or hood area as evidence of an exhaust up-pipe leak. It is very hard to tell and easy to get them backwards. I am cutting mine off and adding thicker wall material when they start leaking . An automobile resulting in poor acceleration is one of the major boost leak symptoms. Very very slow boost build up from 0 to 4 PSI then normal boost build up to 15 or so boost (what the truck would normally need for the driving condition). 50 12643610 Pipe, Turbocharger Exhaust 1 (As Req’d) 97354769 Clamp, TURBO EXH PIPE 1 22967814 Turbo pipe to converter Exhaust Clamp and Gasket Kit 1 22887212 Converter (should not be required in most cases) 1 (As Req’d) SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. Smallest leak on the intake manifold can cause a fuel-trim issue. Leak is a small crack for now. Be on the lookout for bright to dark red or brown fluid leaking from your vehicle. related Tech Tip Duramax LBZ and LMM P0087 low fuel pressure code. This is a genuine GM OEM water pump coolant bypass tube upper o-ring. If the oil passes through the filter, it may find its way to the intake. if you do not I would lean towards a leak as opposed to head gasket. The common failure symptoms for these turbochargers are: low/no boost under load, the exhaust brake sticking on or not working, and no power with black smoke. The OEM LMM cooling lines have a fatal design flaw which causes them to leak at the crimp. Today, I started leaking coolant from the top of my motor on the passenger side from the Bosch EDU common rail. Unusual Odor. 2006 LLY 2500HD Black Crew Cab Duramax BF Goodrich All Terrain 285's, Torsion Bars Cranked, PCV Reroute, EGR Deleted, PPE AirBox Mod, PPE Standard, Transgo Jr, Straight Pipe 4" MBRP Exhaust, Water Methanol Injected, Auto Meter Pyro & Boost Gauges, MOOG Idler Support/Arm, Idler Support Weld-On Gusset, MOOG Pitman Arm, All Seasons Diesel Steering Brace, Olde Time Industry Exclusive Power GMC and Chevy Duramax LB7 6. Add to compare. Excessive Exhaust Smoke. block seal treatment was installed and we drove the truck for … read more If you here a “police siren” type of noise that is gradually getting louder, this is a bad sign. The best part of the bellowed up pipes is the expandable section molded into the system for heat contraction. $10. The exhaust manifold is leaking at the head pipe connection on the passenger side. Blue or gray smoke coming from the exhaust pipe. Using aftermarket gauges, a PSD owner can also see a drop in boost and higher EGT's. Other symptoms include slipping gears or slow shifting. While various versions of the engine have surfaced over the years, all generations of the Duramax are based on the same foundation. A faulty exhaust manifold gasket will produce an exhaust leak that will sound like a hissing or tapping sound coming from the engine. But, that's before considering the salvage title. The leak is running down the back of the engine by the starter, it's funny that it only leaks when I fill the reservoir full, and parked. Best thing you can do is go out first thing in a cold engine, start it up and feel around the up pipes for leaks. Look for black marks where the exhaust was exiting. 1. They'll probably be hourglass shaped there. I have seen air leaks develop at the hoses from the frame to pipe connections at the point the lines go up and over the transmission and also at the point the lines connect to the engine. 12. This gasket is commonly replaced when upgrading exhaust manifolds or up-pipes. Air Filter Accessories; Air Filters; Air Intake Accessories Four Exhaust Leak Warning Signs . 8 is a sweet engine, used by Isuzu for a few years before GM got to use it. Cracked downpipe Check the downpipe for cracks or splits with the exhaust manifold removed by holding a flashlight on the outside and seeing if light travels through. As an example, I found a 2WD 2500HD with 96k miles and a salvage title listed for $34k. Purchase two sets when installing a pair of up pipes. Verify that there is an exhaust leak between the turbocharger exhaust pipe and the downpipe. The Duramax name is a GM thing, the 6. Remember, the charged air system includes anywhere from the turbocharger to the intake manifold. These engines also need the same additional TLC in order to keep them healthy and happy. The 6. Is there a Miss? A miss can be caused by several issues listed here: An injector connector tube that is poor quality or unsuitable. Rough idle; High Idle RPM; Rough/Slow Acceleration; Check engine light; Misfires & Backfires; High pitch noise from the engine; The engine is very sensitive to calculate all the air entering the engine to calculate the right air-fuel mixture. ) Includes turbo to up pipe and manifold to up pipe stainless gaskets. Thoroughbred Diesel offers a nice selection of up pipes for your diesel. 3. This is a very common problem that we hear about from our Duramax customers. Take Action. Leaking Radiator; Poor Fuel Economy; Clogged Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Clogged Engine Oil Cooler; EGR System Failure; Cracked Pistons; Cracked Up-Pipes; Cylinder Washing; High Pressure Fuel Pump Wire Chafing; Fuel System Failure and K16 Injection Pump Self-Destruction; Cracked Blocks; Front Cover Cavitation Symptoms of a Vacuum Leak. 95 . It hit 100k and by 103k I'd replaced filterhead, had the low rail pressure for the injector issue that the X66P cleaned up, I replaced the downpipe at the same time because I'd developed a leak in it as well. I took it to the dealer. TMONEYDIESEL. While this system is reasonably adequate for stock to mildly powered trucks a larger diameter syste or higher flowing system from Diamond Eye, FLO~PRO, Magnaflow, MBRP, or Silverline is mandatory on ANY Duramax equipped with even mild upgrades, or for However, common symptoms of a boost leak include increased smoke, higher EGTs, excessive Lag, and loss of power. Amazingly there is a TSB out for this problem and covers numerous years. Vacuum air leaks occur for the leaks of intake manifold gasket. If you work with diesel trucks long enough, you’ll see leaks just about everywhere in the charged air system at one time or another. MAIL ME STUFF! DFR P. Major leaks will cause the computer to automatically default to “home mode”. For a true seal, the best set-up is two gapless rings in separate grooves. 4. sells a kit to repair the pump . 6 Symptoms of a Boost Leak. Duramax Problems Common Problems with the 6. 6L Duramax) 108613 4. @ 110k the rear axle needed new seals and that pinion balancer deal (same timing as my 2007 did). A common problem with high-mileage 2001-2010 Duramax trucks is that the fuel filter head assembly begins to develop air leaks. Here you will learn how to properly use your boost leak tester. 6 Duramax, 77K miles. This circuit modifies the MAF signal to the computer on the LLY and LBZ engines (Not LB7, Not LMM) to expected levels when the EGR is blocked off, modified or a big free flowing exhaust system (removing the cat) causes the ECM to set an EGR code and display the check The owner of this GM Duramax was headed to Montana on vacation with his family and camper trailer in tow. XDP XD342 Driver Side High Flow Exhaust Manifold 01-16 GM 6. 10-22-2009, 05:21 AM. Engine misfires; Rough idling; Sluggish acceleration, overall performance decline; CEL’s for lean or rich bank codes On the induction side the spots to leak are the boots, from either a bad clamp or split boots. It will get much louder when you are near the leak and you may feel the exhaust pushing out of the leak. Also checked my records on the Edge insight and my max boost now is 23psi, previously I had made 26-28psi boost. When a pipe ruptures and the leaking water has nowhere to go, it will bubble up into the street. Description: Exergy New Stock Replacement Scorpion LH Fuel Rail 6. If you a tapping, ticking, or raspy noise under car or in front of you in the engine compartment as you accelerate, your exhaust pipe could be leaking. There is a down side though. GM has been playing with Duramax power levels, but what actually makes it into production is another matter. Fuel leaks on a duramax are almost always on the return side of the system, the smaller of the two fuel lines traveling down the frame rail, going to the fuel cooler and back to the tank. Since the wastegate hose is designed to relieve pressure inside the turbocharger manifold, it is constantly monitored by the vehicle’s ECU (engine control unit). 6 up pipe leakExhaust leak. When this leaked oil burns, it will result in a characteristic blue or grey smoke. 5 GM/Duramax Product Cannot Ship to California Way back in the fall of 2001, rumors and discussion with industry insiders pointed to a 340 horsepower Duramax 6600 for the 2004 model year. Here is a more detailed list of the 6 most common symptoms of Squirt the tube connections with soapy water and watch for bubbles. So, the function of the exhaust manifold is to; collect the exhaust from each cylinder and combines it into one pipe. 6L Reliability. The breather pipe comes out of the alternator bracket at a higher point and then goes down and is open to the air at the right front of the engine. Re: Intercooler pipe blew off my Duramax engine The PCV keeps the pressure off of the oil gallery on the heads and allows the oil mist to pass to the intake to the intercooler. com/sto When lines leak, the transmission can get low on coolant which results in transmission overheating and potentially serious damage to its internal components. 6L Duramax. This 3" Y-Bridge kit will work in conjunction with our S400 over stock Twin Turbo Kit if you decide to upgrade in the future. I'll walk through the symptoms and details about a leaking injector I found, thinking I had an exhaust leak. 6L exhaust manifolds and turbo charger inlet flange. Since the cooler’s job is to flow trans fluid to lower temps, if there is a clog in the cooler, the fluid may not be able to flow properly, which would result in overheating the fluid. 2. i had this problem for a couple days when i installed my new uppipe before i got my new catback. If your boost reads low, the turbo might not be at fault, so check for boost leaks first. 8 MPa(145-261 PSI) LB7 and LLY, or 0 PSI LBZ and LMM. boost folding at 15 pounds under steady throttle then dropping for an instant 5 or so PSI with a puff of black smoke then back to 15 pounds. Both cracked and leaking injectors affect fuel delivery and can cause significant performance issues as air to fuel ratios get out of wack. Turbo Boost Leak Testers Duramax 6. 3) Coolant Odor 2) Strange Brake Pedal Feel. I would also bet it's the plate on the bell housing. C. Check Engine Light comes on. Hunt More often than not on the two piece Y bridges LBZ and LMM the Orings won't hold much boost. DTC Codes (Check Engine Light) DTC P1093, P0087 causing limp mode is common with this issue. The waterpump was leaking at weephole. Like if it was produced to sell in California ect. I lifted the hood and now I have noticed that there is oil leaking into the intercooler hose. 6 TurboDiesel. Open the hood and look around for signs of a coolant leak. 120" wall for strength and durability. Typically each automotive manufacturer will establish an operating pressure zone, ranging from the minimum pressure allowed to a maximum amount of "boost" to be created inside the turbocharger. Since its introduction, the Duramax has gone through LBZ, LLY, LBZ, LMM, and LML designations, with a number of revisions along the way. 6L LLY/LBZ GM Duramax's came factory equipped with a 3. Upper Valve Cover Grommet | 2004. If the PCV is plugged the cavity will fill up and overflows out of the breather pipe. I get down the road it comes up and goes down a co … read more Idle rail pressure won't always show the leak, but if you bump it up, it's almost always obvious. Slow turbo spool; Loss of power; Check Engine Light; Black smoke from the exhaust pipe; Poor Fuel Economy; Poor Idling; A boost leak can result in a lot of different symptoms. 5)** (0) Reviews: Write first review Description: Fits: 2001-2004. They are a pain to get too and 1 bell housing bolt has to come out to get the cover off. The issue with the LML Duramax having piezoelectric injectors is while the stock injectors have the potential to make as much as 650 hp with the right amount of airflow, the Bosch CP4. Buy With Confidence Extensive Selection Covering all of your truck accessory and performance parts needs. At 2k miles I had white steam coming out of the exhaust clamp while the truck was in regen mode. Another sign of a leak would be if your vehicles engine suddenly overheats, sometimes there can even be a coolant smell if it is leaking. New up pipe donuts from ford if your pipes are in good shape if not go with the bellowed pipes. Any ideas. symptoms were engine misfire and coolant loss out of tail pipe. This supplement gives the test adapter set a larger variety of sizes to accommodate the newer style coolers that have multiple ports as shown below in Figure 1. White smoke or water vapor coming from the tailpipe, especially in the morning when the engine is cold. I will show you how to boost leak test using the Pro-Kit fitted with the tire valve stem and the mounted 0-30 psi boost gauge. I looked at the driver side and the head pipe meets the exhaust manifold with very little room in between seems like there's just a flat gasket in there. coolant leak I have a 2005 duramax LLY. D One of the first symptoms of a problem with an exhaust manifold gasket is an excessively noisy engine. After turbo is installed and y-pipe to turbo has made a tight seal, bolt the turbo to pedestal, then tighten down the y-pipe to exhaust manifold and up-pipe connections. For this leak, air sucked in on the cylinder through the carburetor. Every single part, down to the nuts and bolts, is Get better airflow and performance from your 2004. Depending on where the vehicle was made for. $9. OK give me your 2 cents. Construction: These unique up pipes are constructed of 2" mandrel-bent 304 stainless steel tubing with a . 6L LLY/LBZ Duramax engine produces high exhaust temperatures and pressure that can eventually cause factory up pipes to fail. I have an 02 Chevy Duramax 6. A smoking exhaust – If the turbo housing has cracked, or the internal seals have blown, oil will start to leak into your exhaust system. In severe cases, fuel/oil leakage may be seen from the PCV system vent hose and engine roughness or vibration may occur. Dirty Hooker Diesel and All Season Service and Sales – your full-size diesel, farm, marine, and RV specialist in Harbor Beach! We are Michigan’s “Final Authority” on everything performance and replacement, specializing in diesel performance parts and accessories for Duramax, Cummins, and Powerstroke diesel engines read more ». They will crack and cause a severe lack of power and usually a terrible hiss type sound from the engine compartment as boost comes up. 6 Washers and Bolts for installing 1 up pipe. If that test is inconclusive, you can look up how to build a poor-man's boost leak tester to pressurize the intake to help find your boost leak. Inground pool pipe leaks can wreak havoc on your pool so you want to identify and fix the leak as soon as possible. You need to find an Isuzu truck shop, they'll get it right, and hopefully the previous shop didn't phucker it up too much. Product Description. It may be a loose pipe or the blades failing within the turbo. If they are backwards they will still seal but cause a big restriction. Just a short update on my 2005 lly Duramax. 7 Cummins Ram Turbochargers Ways to reduce carbon build up in the turbo; The symptoms below are the most commonly found smoky tailpipe conditions. Compare 0 now . I just wanted to make sure it wasn't an up-pipe leak. also what I have done in the past is, leave the radiator cap on the first click so the sysem wont build pressure and see if you still loose fluid. Quiet, powerful, efficient, smoke free and – dare we say – reliable? The Duramax made many converts from the other diesel camps simply because it was the best pickup diesel. A high-pitched squeal beneath the load may be heard if there is boost leaks or exhaust leaks. Improve the Look Sinister Diesel’s has exhaust down pipes for your Duramax diesel’s exhaust. 6 up pipe leakExhaust leak. 6L Duramax Exhaust Manifold to Up Pipe Gasket Gasket - Exhaust Manifold to Up Pipe, LB7/LLY/LBZ/LMM/LML, 2001+ Duramax Merchant part number: 97188685. I have a 2001 duramax just put waterpump and thermastats in truck. First introduced in 2004, the Duramax LLY engine is a 32-valve turbocharged diesel engine made popular by the Hummer H1, Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra. Fuel Injector fuel pipe bracket bolt: 15 lb-ft. I have been showing a low coolant light for several weeks without a leak. 2 can’t supply enough rail pressure to make 500 hp. 6L Duramax L5P is an entirely new powerplant. The GM 97188685 Exhaust Manifold To Up-Pipe Gasket is a direct replacement for your 2001-2016 GM 6. I ordered everything but the up pipe out of the states too! That coolant pipe is located right beside the turbo drain pipe. The best way to prevent catastrophic damage is to catch a blown head gasket early. When brake fluid is leaking from the seals, the driver should notice a leak at the back of the master cylinder bore. I have a 2013 Silverado 2500 with a 6. I've never done it in the truck but may need to pull the down pipe and 1 uppipe, but maybe not, you might be able to fish it out Whether it's a Duramax, Cummins, or Powerstroke these are the signs you should be looking for when trying to figure out if you need to replace your head gasket. This video is a great example of why you should change them when you do an EGR delete. A 3" high flow inter cooler pipe compliments the y-bridge to offer a full 3" tract from inter cooler to engine. If you have recently noticed an accumulation of coolant under your vehicle or that the reservoir tank is not as high up as it usually is, these could be signs that your system has a slow leak. Pipes have proper clearance for exact tit of down pipe. The easiest way to tell is to pull the oil dip stick and smell for a strong diesel smell in the oil itself. 6L Duramax XDP-XD342 12. Each Piece Is Leak Tested, O-Ringed For Leak Free Installation; Eliminates soot build up and clogged EGR Valves; Coolant temperatures run cooler; Pressure Tested TIG Welds Guaranteed not to Leak; Specialized designs to ensure a perfect fit and Your 6. Figure 1. Increase by 5psi up to the normal operating boost pressure. Use adapters to run hoses off of injector returns in to individual graduated containers. The turbo went out and had to be replaced, so I had it replaced and went to crank my truck and oil blew out from the exhaust pipe. The hot exhaust gas is let into the egr cooler from a pipe between the exhaust manifold and the turbo. Intercoolers & Pipes for Duramax; Interior Accessories for Duramax Undelete My Truck ®, the Sinister Diesel logo, Spooled Up ® and all related names, product Find 2001-2016 DURAMAX 2. Features:Quality Construction Ensures a Leak Free and Solid ConnectionProvides Your OEM Up-Pipe With Extra Reinforcement Lisle 72400 Exhaust Manifold Bolt Drill Template (GM 6. I have a leak in my up-pipes that I'm gonna fix. Exhaust leak effects will be more if you do not get the problem fixed soon. A shop in a nearby town recommended replacing four fuel injectors. But common symptoms that lead to an investigation of the condition of the casing (possibly requiring a CCTV camera) include. Engine power reduced and service stabilitrak on cluster. G. If fuel is suspected of leaking into the crankcase, the following procedure should be performed to verify the condition. When you take the boots off, make sure to clean them up before re-installing. In order to understand how to check for boost leaks, we prepared the list of turbo boost leak symptoms and causes: Poor Acceleration. Whether you prefer stainless or aluminized steel, 4” or 5” diameter, we have exactly what you New 7. Description: ARP Up Pipe Bolt kit for 2001-2016 Duramax. com has put together complete repair solution for LML/LGH CP4 Pump failure using all OEM parts (pictured below. When the engine is off the PCV opens and allows the oil to drain into the pan. PLEASE NOTE – Oil leaks can occur on VSR (high speed) balancing machines as the ambient pressures required to create the seal are not present as no Usually, oil leaks will get stuck in the air filter. Hope you enjoy al From the dead on the rode thread The tech at the local ford dealer says that the up pipe has a leak causing these symptoms: no boost till WOT then 30 pounds. I culled thru a buds pile of parts when I did the transmission swap back in 07 . 2006 duramax engine overheated on the road. Common symptoms of low fuel rail pressure are the following: Low power or engine power reduced message in driver information center (DIC) Change fuel filter message in driver information center (DIC) See Also: Best Radiator Stop Leak Products. Begin your testing for leaks with the flex pipe that connects your gas range and the cut-off valve on the black pipe. So a stock lb7 up pipe bolts right in place it also got rid of the exhaust leak from the blocker plate not seating all the way. Sep 24, 2020 · Low Fuel Rail Pressure Symptoms – LMM Duramax. 120" wall for strength and durability. Truck started to have a"whine" at 2,500 rpm and above. 140k miles on my 2011 duramax and not a single leak of anything. What are the symptoms of a failing fuel pressure regulator? It is quite hard to tell right away if you have a failing fuel pressure regulator. leaking fuel then the balance rates may be out of specification. There have been many cases of dogs and cats getting very sick or even dying because they ingested engine coolant. I have had some success tuning around this issue but if you end up replacing injectors do a full matched set only. Symptoms are rough idle, hard start when engine is hot, poor emissions, fuel odors, oil thinning, hydrolock. In cases like this, you may notice nothing more than a bit of lag upon acceleration and some extra turbo whine. In some cases, a leak near the vacuum booster or inside the vehicle shows signs of a bad master cylinder. Poor Acceleration. EGR Coolant Pipe Drain Seal, 2011-2016 Duramax. Turbo charger underboost, DPF over temp, Exhaust leak, Nox sensor - that sums up what my scan tool on my computer pulled up. Buy 6. The gasoline stink is the result of engine gobbling up more oil than necessary causing the tailpipe to discharge more hydrocarbons. Not legal for sale or use in California on pollution controlled motor vehicles" 01-14 GM 6. Yes, it is a big pain to disconnect the hardware on the back of the Duramax turbo, but once you have ‘em out, you are halfway through with the job of removing the up pipes and manifolds. This will result in a drop in the power and restricted RPM, making driving near impossible. 00 XDP XD342 Listen for leaks. The small passages inside many diesel oil coolers can easily become clogged with particulates or scale in your coolant. Plumbing supply lines are pressurized, which means that a slow leak has the potential to turn into a big mess fast! If you are seeing discoloration and build-up, here’s how to stop leaks in plumbing joints. With most cooler lines springing a leak within the first 50,000 miles, many Duramax owners had their lines replaced under warranty—only to have them leak again later. by Timothy Charlet on January 12, 2016. If its blowing oil out the breather you may have some bad rings that will cause it to pressure up and blow out oil, or you may have some bad valve seals and the pressure is blowing back up through them causing the oil. • Clean and flush: All fuel chassis lines, filter pipes, and other engine mounted fuel system pipes (low pressure) • Remove and clean/flush: Fuel tank and fuel sender InjectorsDirect. The flex pipe is prone to develop leaks as it ages, so coat the whole pipe Any leak may allow exhaust gases into the cabin. Includes ARP Lube. Clogged Fuel Injector Symptoms BOOST LEAK TESTING 101 Write-up by Dave Fathy . I might suggest one of Profabs new one piece gaskets they only fit one way making it easier to ensure proper installation. Thats what it sounds like. All stock other than a Hypertech programmer. These are possible symptoms and causes: Valve Seals: Leaking valve seals will cause blue/gray smoke at startup because oil leaks past the seals into the cylinder after the engine shuts down. A common issue with the GM 6. Upgrades over previous years included a Garret turbocharger that allowed General Motors to meet new diesel truck emission standards while maintaining the original I've been scouring facebook marketplace and cargurus for a Duramax in good condition and for a fair price. Here is an Easy to Read Itemized List of Symptoms of Boost Leaks: Vehicle Lacks Power and is Slow; Turbo is Very Laggy, (Spool Up is Slow) Bad Gas Mileage; Rough Idle; High Idle; Engine Stalling; Make Sure You Buy The Appropriate Boost Leak Tester For Your Application. F. 5-’05 LLY’s are starting to show their age. Since yours are leaking, the up pipes probably need to be replaced, or if you're really strapped for cash, you could take them to an exhaust shop that has an expander and round out the part where the donuts ride. If the casing of your turbocharger cracks or if some internal seals are worn out, it could cause the oil to leak into your exhaust. Constantly low on coolant. It is an issue that has an array of different degrees but can leave you stranded on the side of the road if not recognized and dealt with. The first thing you will probably notice is that you are losing coolant but do not see any leaks. 00 Boost leaks can also cause bad gas mileage, lack of power, a whistling sound, a squealing/screaming sound, unstable boost and boost spikes. blown head gasket we assumed. Definition: Fuel Dilution of the engine oil due to fuel leaks under the valve cover area. 5" turbo back aluminized exhaust with a catalytic converter and muffler. blown head gasket we assumed. This exhaust has a temperature anywhere between 400-1400 degrees. The engine’s CP3 high-pressure fuel pump is capable of drawing fuel from the tank without the aid of an external lift pump as long as the system remains primed. Usually a bad or failing coolant reservoir will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver that a problem has occurred and should be serviced. It can be difficult to know that your well casing pipe has developed a leak. block seal treatment was installed and we drove the truck for … read more EGR Cooler To Up Pipe Gasket, 2004. No other motor symptoms. Low Prices Everyday See it for less? If your exhaust starts to leak, that could lead to some very serious problems within your car. 00 $ 95 . Also, a little dye or some red offroad fuel will help you spot leaks under the valve covers eaiser. *NOTE* Injector installation torque is critical to injector life and performance. If you are not feeling the usual power when accelerating, the first thing to check would be the turbo. The test steps are listed below-A. Low fuel rail pressure is a very common issue we see on Duramax trucks. A well-documented problem on any Duramax whether it has the CP3 or 4, is a loss of rail pressure during acceleration once the truck has a higher power tune on it, and I have experienced this myself many times. Should I pull the turbo to fix my up-pipe leaks or should I try and drop the down pipe and go at it from underneath? I've read on here where it's done both ways. Enter the Duramax in 2001: an amazing engine by all standards that set the pickup diesel market on its ear and left the would-be competition staggering to catch up. 6L Premium Pressure Test to 60 PSI - Billet End Cap w/60 PSI Boost Gauge, Fix P0299 Code Restore Torque! (with 5ft Extension Hose & Ball Shut-Off Valve) $95. A leak in the manifold causes oxygen to enter the exhaust stream, resulting in an improper mix of fuel and higher emissions. The exhaust pipe is located in the back of the vehicle. The development of this fifth-generation V-8 is more of a rebirth than an evolution. As late as a year ago, a 360 horsepower Duramax came up in a discussion. Underground pipe leaks can occur from tree roots, insects, shifting soil, and freezing. You should be able to feel the leak blowing onto your hand. If you see bubbles around any of the couplings or anywhere on the intercooler, found in front of the radiator, then you have a boost leak and not a bad turbo. As an added bonus get your EGT's down. 6L engines equipped with multiple cooler EGR system. 8, different animal all together, designed and built for GM by Isuzu. 5-2016. M. Injector replacement on the LB7 truck is rather labor intensive and just changing one is usually not worth the risk for the labor costs. Use a flashlight and check for leaks and drips coming from the radiator, cracks or wetness on the hoses attached to the top and bottom of the radiator, the smaller heater hoses, and the hose connections. GM 94056175 Duramax Rear Engine Cover-to-Block Coolant O-Ring Seal 2001-2010 (0) Reviews: Write first review Description: Genuine GM/AC Delco Replacement Parts Rear Cover Coolant Seal, LB7 LLY LBZ LMM, 2001-2010 Duramax Y-Bridge Kit with 3-Inch Driver Side Intercooler Pipe: $934. Add strength, durability, and flow to your 2001-2004 GM 6. On the passenger side it looks to have an exhaust donut. If you wait too long to take action on fixing this leak, you could face much higher repair costs because of more damages. I have an lbz duramax and on my passenger up pipe my egr blocker plate cracked my stock one. I did my lmm myself for $3000 that was all gaskets, studs, egr delete, bd manifold, lb7 up pipe and machining. The clamp. Unfortunately the best thing to do if you have this problem is to replace the whole set at once. 6L Duramax LB7 by replacing the old leaking, or cracked up-pipes in your truck. Since the fumes escape at high velocity, even minor leaks will cause a noise, or worse yet, vibration. 0, Tint, Linex, Katzkins, Magnaflow, Bilstein, Toyo, Walker Evans The leak reduces the engine power and acceleration, thus lowering its fuel efficiency. Without me touching the key, it killed itself. I have a 2015 crew cab duramax. Thats where I would be looking. Maximize performance with this 2004-2005 GM Duramax 6. Truck feels like it takes longer to spool and also noticing more smoke out of the exhaust. Major leaks will cause the computer to automatically default to “home mode”. I got paranoid b/c the person I bought the Up-pipe from must have soaked it in cleaner b/c it smoked like crazy for the first 30 minutes or so. Whatever the case, a reduction in fuel efficiency is always a sign of a bad fuel pressure regulator. Fits coolant bypass pipe from water pump to thermostat housing. Too much gas will cause black smoke and soot inside the end of the tail pipe. 1. These aftermarket up-pipes are not going to leak or deform. As a result, when you press your foot down on the brake pedal, it will feel squishy or spongy. On the exhaust side you have the manifolds, up-pipes, collector, and turbo. Enhanced Injector Return Flow Test- GM has come up with a test for use on the later Duramax engines. 6L Duramax has been in production since 2001 and has proved, on a large scale, to be a relatively reliable and durable platform. If I leave it at the add line the truck In next month’s follow-up article to the head gasket and injector replacements, the engine will get some further upgrades with additional airflow from some improved exhaust manifolds and up-pipes from Dmaxstore. YOu can start low 10psi and increase as needed to hear / feel the leak if there is one. BOX 562 Ephrata, PA 17522 For Price Quotes, E-mail me at DiabloFormula@hotmail. 01. Black smoke or very dark smoke coming from the exhaust pipe. Without the proper amount of antifreeze, your engine could overheat (or freeze in winter months). Some of the common causes of this code can include dirty air cleaner, vacuum leaks in the intake manifold, a defective intercooler, faulty boost sensor, loose connection between the turbocharger and the exhaust manifold, loose connection between the intake pipe and the turbocharger, or turbo failure caused by oil supply problems or internal oil This MAP sensor is mounted directly to the intake manifold, but others might be connected by a hose. Benji Jerew/Flickr/CC BY 2. The ears on the waterpump side of my coolant to oil cooler crossover pipe are bent creating a water leak My 08,6. A blown head gasket in a diesel engine causes coolant leaks, which can cause no small amount of problems to begin with, but left unchecked can ultimately lead to engine failure. 6 LB7 diesel pickup or are looking to buy one, here are some common issues and problems we have run into in our shop. Shop By Category. You may also see rust spots where the radiator is leaking. Exhaust Manifold Leaks - Function, Failure Symptoms, Potential Damage Exhaust manifold leaks can be dangerous, as well as cause other costly problems. 3 up pipes are an effective permanent upgrade to completely cure the factory up pipe gasket leaks. $9. The bellowed up-pipe setup is the way to go. 6L LLY EGR delete kit. If you notice any oil leaking under your engine , it's always recommended to contact a professional mechanic so they can determine where the leak is coming from and repair it quickly. Up pipes tend to crack and leak exhaust. You can get a 1/2 " clear line and connect it to the inlet side of the filter to see if air is entering the system before the housing. However, common symptoms of a boost leak include Increased Smoke, Higher EGTs, Excessive Lag, and Loss of Power. 5, I know it's not the head gasket (I have Boreoscoped the whole outer engine). More extreme symptoms of sewer pipe deterioration include foundation issues such as cracks in your foundation slab, foundation settlement, and in some cases sinkholes. Try increasing the rail pressure, we find injector nozzles that leak at idle pressure, but do not leak at higher pressure. In fact, the sound is dependent on the pipe’s water pressure to a certain limit, so you may not even hear anything at all. Use soapy spray if necessary to identify smaller leaks. Some folks have a consistent leak while others tend to only leak when the engine is cold. 6L Duramax LLY/LBZ adds extra reinforcement to your factory up-pipe riser which will help prevent leaking or a cracked bellow. Two hours later they ended up changing the clamp. The factory diesel oil cooler on your Duramax diesel is often a weak point in your cooling system. Add to compare. Generaly with the car idling you can jack up the car a little and run your hand (without touching) around the area. 2006 duramax engine overheated on the road. The coolant level should be going down if it is the head gasket. if you have a mild up pipe exhaust leak its not that bad, but having a more than mild exhaust leak can really alter performance. Go out and Boost! Enjoy the restored power from your engine! Disclaimer: By purchasing this tester you assume all risk when working with compressed air. The screaching is due to the leak becoming whistle-like to the back pressure of the turbo. Engine Oil Cooler Outlet Gasket, 2001-2018 Duramax. Dry spot inside an area of moist ground. These symptoms are usually associated with a check engine light and a P2262 and/or P2563 codes. Add strength, durability, and flow to your 2001-2004 GM 6. LBZ Coolant Leak Up Pipe to EGR Flange - Slightly Confused I just finished replacing my FPR in my 2006 van (what a pain, only access is thru back) which included taking off/on the turbo exhaust pipes. . Air Intakes. Joined May 2, 2005 · 3,082 Posts . More significant leaks will cause worse vibrations. The symptoms would be low boost and higher egts with more smoke at throttle. Most of the time the coolant will slowly get pushed out the overflow hose in the passenger fender area which makes it hard to see. pt518sti · Registered. I have a tig welded one if you DURAMAX BOOST LEAK PROBLEM If the leak is fairly small, your turbo wastegate -- the exhaust bypass valve -- can help to keep boost pressure in the green zone by increasing turbo rpm. There isn't much oil, but over time it collects in the bottom of the intercooler. Is it normal for the coolant tank to hold pressure overnight? My duramax would not hold pressure overnight like this truck seems to be doing. 6 duramax leaking antifreeze out around an injector is there a replaceable injector sleeve on the - Chevrolet 2001 Silverado 2500HD question Search Fixya Press enter to search. There are a few of them that are worth looking closer to identify a boost leak. Low rail pressure may or may not cause an MIL (check engine light). This is the upper seal at the thermostat housing. 0. 5-2010 GM 6. The easiest way to find a leak is to look for soot. These are a great addition to any downpipe or exhaust manifold purchase. com Please SUBSCRIBE MERCH!! https://teespring. Direct to the point, the injectors are getting worn mostly from fuel quality. Includes ARP Lube. Valve Guides: Excessive clearance between the valve stem and the valve guide allows oil to leak past the gap into the cylinder. This is very popular in the Porsche cars. If the reservoir cracks or develops any small leaks it can cause the coolant it is storing to leak or evaporate at a slow rate. Whether you prefer stainless or aluminized steel, 4” or 5” diameter, we have exactly what you are looking for and carry top brands like Flo-Pro and MBRP. Good luck, I went thru this more than once with a LMM and it was the bridge. Exhaust gas typically flows through the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, resonator and finally the muffler, which connects to the tail pipe. Symptoms of a bad master cylinder include external and internal leaks. the 7. Like the LBZ, much can be gained by upgrading the Y-bridge on the LMM. The cavity holds about a cup of oil. Some other symptoms include: Burning smell in the engine bay The engine making excessive noise The obvious symptoms of an up-pipe leak are black soot present around the up-pipe/y-collector, and even soot deposits on the firewall and nearby engine components. Here are some common symptoms and warning signs that may hint towards having a worn out wastegate hose: 1. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jul 5 Black soot around the downpipe connection and manifold is almost a surefire way to tell that there is a leak. Duramax First Generation: 2001-2004 (LB7) Boost leak/ Whooshing sound/Broken Up Pipe? LB7: Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. The symptoms are constant smoke at idle and gaining fuel in the oil. 2003 6. Torque Converter. The Turbo Down-Pipe is coated in a sleek black finish that provides a custom look and is wrapped with thermal header tape to reduce EGT's for improved performance and durability. Low compression. When there is a leak in the exhaust system, the engine is forced to work harder and thus requiring more fuel. the o2 sensors will read more or less o2 in the exhaust stream and cause the car to run rich. The smell is strong enough that I think it should be low on coolant if it was a leak. In several situations, a leak in a vehicle’s fuel injector can lead the fuel/air mix to become so rich that it burns out the car’s catalytic converter in the long run. The brake lines should only have brake fluid inside of them. If there is a brake fluid leak and air gets mixed with the fluid in the brake lines, then the fluid will not be able to flow correctly. The up pipe gaskets @ the turbo go one way and one way only. The 6. The lines on the Duramax LBZ have a design fault at the “crimp” to where the crimp isn’t suitable enough to hold onto the line and prevent fluid from leaking. The most obvious symptom of extreme transmission temperatures is the smell of something burning. 1 – Gasket, Exhaust Manifold Pipe GM Part #s 19256590, 12661059, 98077841, 12670468, 12670469, 12670471, 12670460, 12639000, 12670474, 12670475, 12670466, 12651989, 12620532 BOSCH® Part #s 0 445 117 010, 0 445 010 817, F 00R L01 027, F 00R L00 591 For example, leaks in the fuel delivery system can also be a cause of poor fuel economy. A missing or damaged chamber gasket. Less than 8k on truck. The exhaust system is made of piping that guides harmful exhaust gases away from the engine and into the atmosphere. 6L Duramax Diesel. 6,duramax is smoking terable when in 6th up hill I have a coolant leak on my 04. If you've worked with diesel trucks long enough, you’ll see leaks just about everywhere in the charged air system at one time or another. The vehicle ends up giving poor performance when there is a leakage issue inside the engine. 5-2005 Duramax. 5 Common Causes of Coolant Leaks and Their Symptoms Coolant leaks might not seem like a big deal, but it could create a hazardous situation for your car’s engine. Construction: These unique up pipes are constructed of 2" mandrel-bent 304 stainless steel tubing with a . Leaks are most common when the fluid is cold and on trucks running high idles. Fuel Injector fuel pipe nut: 30 lb-ft. If you find one of the above symptoms I mentioned, check your car as soon as possible. Therefore, a vacuum leak causes a lot of different symptoms. 2001-2016 Duramax 2" Stainless Single Turbo Style Pass Side Up Pipe for OEM Manifold with Gaskets (0) Reviews: Write first review Description: For Off Road Competition Use Only. Remember, the charged air system includes anywhere from the turbocharger to the intake manifold. The oil residue is from the crankcase ventilation system. $4. Depending on where the leak is you may have only one of these symptoms or you might have all of them. (logon | register) Duramax LML has a coolant smell around engine Subject: Duramax LML has a coolant smell around engine Lately my 12 duramax with 40k has a smell of coolant around the engine compartment. Pressure up the system. Symptoms Symptoms of a P0093 diagnostic trouble code may include: Code set and malfunction indicator lamp illumination (check engine light) Engine will enter fail-safe mode and shut down within one minute; Possible large loss of power above idle; Causes Potential causes for this DTC include: Fuel injector failure; Fuel line common rail leak There are blocker plates available for the Duramax but it's inevitable that you're going to crack the up-pipe after installing them, also, the mandrel bent intake pipe will give you the best fitment, air flow, and drop those EGT's. The sound may be especially pronounced during a cold start or during acceleration. I absolutely love this truck, but I hate chasing leaks. Common sense still tells me something with the AFE charge pipes. Be careful gratuitously tightening those clamps. Remove old y-pipe, place new y-pipe in place and re-install bolts and leave loose to allow movement and adjustment for when you install turbo. Secondly, the injector itself was prone to cracking. The smell is so strong that can be harmful to your health. Go over the pipe and joint, listen for air movement and exhaust noises. Doesn't matter what position the EGR is in no gasses get in there. is visible in the passenger side front wheel well. 06 Posted by Unknown on 29th Aug 2017 . One of the first symptoms commonly associated with a bad or failing coolant reservoir is the need to constantly add coolant. P0087 engine code (low fuel rail pressure) Decreased performance; Noticeable decline in power; Engine misfires; AFR codes running lean; Duramax LLY 6. A burning odor is another of the turbo exhaust leak symptoms. 2015 lml durmax 6. In minor leak cases, there will be a lag in acceleration and an extra turbo whine. . Wehrli Custom Fab Duramax Upper Coolant Pipe , LB7 & LLY (2001-2004. maybe pick up a pressure tester and pressurize the system over night and you might spot the drip, might not This is either because you are out of fuel, you have a rotted line or the primer pump is bad. 0. 6 V8 shares no parts with the 7. The installer took the time to get the car back in the air and inspect it to make sure nothing was wrong, but I was still worried. I can't see why a downpipe leak could ever cause a boost issue. 2. Water in Your Yard-Other clear signs of a possible leak or leaks in the pipes are unexplained wet areas in the yard as well as sinkholes. Check rail pressure when engine is off, it should be 1. As crankcase pressure builds with a stuck closed PCV valve, the oil may leak through seals and gaskets, oil travels up the clean air hose and to the air filter. Ensure the injector bore and injector seat are SPOTLESSLY CLEAN before installing. (1″, 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″ etc) This ensures the pipe doesn’t crush or oval (and wind up leaking) after tightening the T-bolt clamp. By the time you notice its leaking there is not much hope for a cheap rebuild. Symptoms of leaking up pipes are a ticking noise coming through the firewall, loss of power, and excessive black smoke. check everything over really good, a small leak will be hard to find. Debris/carbon can prevent injectors from sealing correctly which can create leaks or poor I have a 2005 6. Fuel Injector Failure Symptoms. A lot of those cars run 6 bar of oil pressure, low turbos, and sump pumps. Top Brands Check out a list of all manufacturers we carry. Add to compare. The torque converter is responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the transmission. Failed emission test – Increased emission is what you get when a leaking or broken fuel injector gives rise to an incomplete or uneven fuel burn. This will seal very well. However, here is a list of some common signs that you have a faulty fuel pressure regulator: Black smoke; Strong gas smell; Rough idling; Hesitation; 02. Skip to content Easiest to notice in cold weather when the rubber hoses constrict, transmission fluid leaks past the crimps on the factory lines. 2006 Silverado 2500HD ECSB - LBZ, Skrait pipe, LML 18s, 455k miles :bye: 2017 F150 CCSB - 5. I'm guessing thats where there could be a leak. Why is my Duramax in limp mode? Common FPRV Symptoms. Whether you drive a Ford, Dodge, or a GM truck head gasket failures can happen. A gas leak can dry out moist ground, so if you see an unusual spot of dry earth within a moist area, it may mean that leaking gas from an underground pipe is drying out the soil. Worn and damaged injectors are often the cause however there are other causes and considerations that should be looked at prior to injector replacement. It is the pipe that sticks out of the rear of the car. A fluid leak requires a complete flush and refill, as well as any necessary seal replacements. There is a 3rd and cheap option. Common signs include poor fuel efficiency, difficulty pressing the brake pedal, oil leaking under the engine, and the AC not working. Hey guys, So it finally happened. Fuel odor inside the car’s cabin is one of the most obvious bad EGR valve symptoms. When homeowners notice bubbling water in the street, it is advisable to get plumbing services immediately. I use a stethoscope to find exhaust leaks. Select up to 4 items to compare. My Up-Pipe failed. The Up-Pipe Support Plate is constructed from quality materials and will help prevent leaking or a cracked bellow. 2015 lml durmax 6. Sounds like a burnt piston or two. 6 Diesel Common Issues and Problems. Two of our common problems, bent rods and the FPRV, are really only common on tuned and modified LLY’s running significantly above stock power. The ECM uses MAP sensor data to run crucial calculations, such as engine load, fuel injector pulse, and spark advance. This affects the oil flow to the turbo at the correct rate needed and acts as a restriction to the oil feed pipe, causing the turbo to leak oil in either of the turbine end or compressor end. Cylinder Head Gasket Leaks – Know The Symptoms: Compression loss, (power reduction, or a rough engine). Up Pipes for Duramax Improve the Look Sinister Diesel’s has exhaust up pipes for your Duramax diesel’s exhaust. Link below EN-48974-20, was shipped essential to dealers to diagnose EGR cooler engine coolant leaks on all 2010-2011 Duramax™ 6. Truck has 95K miles. 85 . Here are four signs you need to look for. The coolant level hasn't changed. I looked up the book value for this truck, and it came in around $31k for a private sale. Not only does the factory Y-bridge choke down airflow, but its two-piece design lends itself to pesky boost leaks and it can even blow apart in extreme conditions. Fix any leaks points and then retest. Leaking fuel injectors can cause engine damage. When your car fails the emissions test, the mechanic must determine whether this failure is the cause of an exhaust manifold leak or a result of other problems in the exhaust system. If you notice a coolant leak on the ground, get it cleaned up right away so you family pet doesn’t clean it up for you. The gasket tends to leak, and if the spring bolts loosen and lose tension, the exhaust can leak out between the two pipes. 7 Ford Scorpion 2011-2015 This EGR Override Circuit "Finger Stick" is For the GM 2500/3500 LLY & LBZ 6. Engine overheating and increased engine wear, (motor oil mixing with antifreeze). Just change your oil before you start the test, because clean oil will help make fuel more obvious. Remove return hoses from one bank of injectors. All told, there are six different iterations of the Duramax: LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM, LML, and L5P spanning from 2001 to the present day. Check glow plug operation when cold. I swear you are describing my 2006 DMAX. Symptoms of bad injectors on these would be engine over heating, loud knocking noise(should sound like a bunch of old typewriters), pour acceleration, white smoke emitting from the tail pipe. Designed for exact fit and to bolt directly to your Factory GM Duramax 6. com, a better breathing ProMax SX-E turbocharger from High Tech Turbo, and a high flow Y-bridge, piping and intake kit from Wehrli The HSP 348-HSP LBZ Up-Pipe Support Plate for your 2006-2007 GM 6. Fast free shipping on all of our up pipes. duramax up pipe leak symptoms

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